EU Agencies Combined To Enforce Legislation

EU Combined to enforce Legislation

Since the introduction of the EU privacy laws in December 2003, very little had been done to enforce the anti-spamming measures laid out. So the news that the EU has now cracked down on spammers is a welcome advance.

When the new directives were introduced, a total of 13 of the 25 member states agreed to join the forces of the various national anti-spam authorities and implement a common complaint-handling procedure for cross-border complaints. This brought about a much-needed biting edge to the new laws which previously did little to stem the flow of spam.  However, whether it would have any impact on the operators in Korea, the USA and former Eastern Bloc countries was questionable. 

Spam and other internet scams are big business, and frequent cases of worms that automatically dial premium-rate numbers without the user's knowledge have further emphasised how much still remains to be done to protect UK consumers. 

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