How Could The EU Directive Affect Your Business?

When the EU directive on e-communications came into force, it fundamentally changed the nature of e-business in Europe.


The new legislation outlawed the use of electronic channels for marketing, including fax, text messages and email without, the prior consent of the recipient. What this meant was that all your existing customers needed to be opted-in (i.e. have given their explicit agreement) to receiving ongoing marketing messages.  The aim was to reduce the amount of spam we all had to contend with on a daily basis, but it made it tough for many list rental businesses and for companies who rely heavily on cold e-mailings. 

Potentially the directive prevented you emailing any customers who have not opted-in.  Breaking this law could mean fines of up to £30,000 in some countries, though at present the UK is still debating when or whether to implement the full law here. Certainly other countries have been more bullish with Austria, Belgium and Spain fully committed to implementing the legislation in full. In Italy, Greece, Denmark and Germany anti-spam laws have been in place a while and recently Denmark has flexed its legal muscle by prosecuting a software company for illegal spamming. 


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