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Is your list getting smaller?

Tags: Data Management, Direct Mail

Depending on when you began to get involved in email marketing, you will be more or less familiar with the challenge of trying to keep readers of your emails interested whilst at the same time keeping the overall process efficient and timely. This article raises a number of different issues from content writing and subject lines through to click through rates, design and list building... but the area of focus today is data and the key issue of maintaining a decent and healthy list. Many of our clients have over the years faced the challenge of...

Direct Mailing

Tags: Automatic Audiences, Campaign Management, Data Management, Direct Mail

Direct Mailing you may say is nothing new

The Secret Of Good Lists

Tags: Campaign Management, Data Management, Direct Mail, Emails, List Management, Marketing, Tracking

We're often asked if we can provide lists for our clients and what sort of considerations to take into account when looking for lists to rent.

Love Your Customers: Email Best Practice

Tags: Direct Mail, Email Newsletters, Emails, Marketing, Online

What does the term 'best practice' mean in relation to email marketing?

Creating Compelling E-Mail Copy

Tags: Deliverability of Solutions, Direct Mail, Emails, Marketing, Unsubscribe

How do you make an email interesting and one of the few not to fall victim to the delete button? Say It Clearly

How To Get Your Email Opened?

Tags: Direct Mail, Emails, Marketing, Online

What is a 'normal' open rate? We're always being asked what is a "normal" open rate for email campaigns. It's a tough question to answer because so much depends on what the communication is and how expected and wanted the email is.

Shopping In The Office

Tags: Deliverability of Solutions, Direct Mail, Emails, Online

A favourite topic of debate in email marketing is where and when to email customers. Do you target them at home when they have more time to read your email, or at work?

Marketers Need More Focus On Results

Tags: Direct Mail, Emails, Marketing, Online

Why is marketing not held in higher regard and represented more widely on boards across the country? The reason for this apparent lack of credibility stems from a widespread failure to deliver concrete evidence of return on investment (ROI) on marketing spend. When the budgets get slashed in these belt-tightening times, marketing is bound to suffer as a consequence.

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