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MailAgent - Our ClientsMailAgent customers come from different industry sectors ranging from SME’s to Corporates, business to business and business to consumer.

We have helped companies increase their open and click through rates, reduce unsubscribe requests and increase donations, sales and brand awareness.

Our client base is varied and all our clients look for different things in an email marketing service.

Event Management Clients

For clients promoting events whether they are conferences, seminars or even luxury weekends away all our Event Management clients want to take bookings and promote their venues without producing a document that is too long, too wordy and not eye catching and desirable.

How do they do this? They want their audience to know at a glance the venue details, events taking place and available facilities.

How do they achieve the best of both worlds? They produce an email marketing campaign which includes tasters of the information they want to promote with links to the relevant event or venue website. This works, what clients also gain is knowledge of who was interested to know more and they also find out who may be worth that individual call.


Charity clients want to raise awareness as well as cash.  Just seeing how many people have read the mail, how many people have visited the website or shown interest in an offer or an event can make a simple communication very worthwhile with tangible results.

Another key benefit for charities is that they can see who clicked the donate button yet chose not to donate.  These people are definitely worth a call - maybe they don't like giving out their details online.  Charities aren't shy, they won't survive if they are, so this gives them the extra pointer to say "look, someone nearly gave some money, call now whilst it's fresh in their minds!"

Public Sector

Businesses selling products and services often have promotional offers, new products to promote or particular deals to offer. Often there is quite a mix of goods and services within a single email, it's important that each of the promotions stand out.

Breaking up the mails into sections, highlighting titles and links for the offers means that interest can quickly be acted upon. It's essential not to hide the important stuff, like "Buy Now", "Limited Offer" and "New improved". Making these key words into links encourages immediate action.


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