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New Feature - Social Media IntegrationWe are really pleased to be able to announce the release of the Social Media Publishing facility within the MailAgent system.

This now means that you are able to easily (at the click of a couple of buttons!) publish your emails, landing pages and survey campaigns directly to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Of course, you do not have to do all of these, but the option is there depending on which social media channels you are using.

For Facebook you are able to select from a drop down of Pages that you are administrator for so if you have numerous pages which relate to different sections of your business or indeed for specific promotions, you are able to select the appropriate one for that campaign.

In addition to the ease of publishing, you can then track the activity via the Campaign Progress report and the Affiliate performance.  We pull in the opens, links clicked as well as Likes and Comments that people post.  A great way to bring together all the reporting into one place.

Note this does not stop you from also publishing via Hootesuite or any other media publishing tool but remember to always use the affiliate links so that you can track activity.

We hope you enjoy using the new features.

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