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Deliverability, The Solutions

MailAgent can help you monitor results and keep a constant check on deliverability. With its ability to track real-time results, MailAgent lets you watch responses roll in.

At the click of the mouse you can track all the details of responders, from who has opened an email and at what time, right down to which items have been clicked and how often that person has responded to other email campaigns. 

You can even look at a live version of your email and see where the hottest and most clicked parts of your email are so you can fine-tune the creative for maximum effectiveness.  Having this much information means you can quickly judge the impact of your campaign, and tweak if necessary. For most campaigns the majority of the response comes within 48 hours of email despatch. Such instant response, and the rapid ability to delve into the details of which creative, lists and ISP’s are proving the most responsive, allows the campaign owner to pick up the early warning signs of a problem and fix it. 

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