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Now is a good time to put your house in order following the implementation of the EU Directive on Privacy and Communications. It is worth adopting some of the advice in your e-marketing activities.

1. Mail your customers to ask them to opt-in to receiving further emails and newsletters from you. 

 2. Have a Plan B for contacting customers - it may require you to phone or write to ask their permission to email them. 

 3. Check the status of your database and see what permissions you have in place. 

4. Consider using incentives to encourage opt-in. 

5. Update or write a privacy statement which outlines your company data policy, so customers are reassured you are a reputable company. Make this available both on your website and on all communications. 

6. Check that all third-party data you have bought or rented is compliant with the new regulations.

7. Review all marketing materials to check the opt-in wording is clear and up to date. 

8. Ensure you have adequate complaint handling processes in place.

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