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What is a 'normal' open rate?

We're always being asked what is a "normal" open rate for email campaigns. It's a tough question to answer because so much depends on what the communication is and how expected and wanted the email is.  But as a rule of thumb, you can expect up to a 50% open rate for a top-notch opt-in email newsletter, though nearer 25% is more average.  And then again cold prospecting varies greatly depending on the quality of the list and the attractiveness of the offer. 

Building a good email list

Getting a good list is obviously the starting point for any email marketing service. The best way to ensure quality is to build your own list, but this takes time and patience, so rented third party lists may help boost the numbers in the initial stages.  But beware of cheap lists as there's a good chance they have not been collated in accordance with the EU privacy directive, so they’re probably not opt-in. If you're not careful you could be unintentionally spamming and breaking the law. 

Create an offer

So you've got a great list, now the next step is your offer. To cut through the swarm of emails that swamp most inboxes, it has to be relevant and useful to the recipient. It has to enable them to save money, make money, be more attractive, successful or admired. Don't talk features - talk benefits.   And all this needs to be succinctly presented in the subject line of your email - perhaps the most important factor in deciding the fate of emails, once they've passed the spam test. Given that the average email recipient gives less than five seconds’ attention to an email, it means your subject line has to be punchy and appeal immediately. 

Top Tips For Improving Your Open Rate

  • Don't personalise in the headline - it looks like spam and will consign your email swiftly to the bin.
  • Keep it simple - don't try clever puns or intriguing word play; people won't take the time to discover why your headline is so witty, they'll just hit delete.
  • Test what works best for your audience. What works best for one industry will not necessarily translate to all sectors, so keep testing the optimum formula for your customers.
  • Beware of spam filters. An estimated 42% of email is blocked by spam filters, so check your headline doesn't contain some of the obvious banned words, and wherever possible run your email against the spam checkers to make sure it doesn't fall foul.

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