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What does the term 'best practice' mean in relation to email marketing? 

Your customers are your key assets. Without them you have no sales. Yet you'd be surprised how badly we listen and respond to our customers when we don't see them face-to-face. 

Here are a few ways to let your customers feel good about your company. 

Ask Their Permission 

Its important to check your audience wants to hear from you. It makes good commercial sense to focus on fewer contacts and get better response rates. 

Check Preferences 

While you're asking if they want to hear from you, ask them how often, on which topics, though which channels, you must though be able to deliver on the promises made. 

Listen To Complaints 

Listen and respond to them quickly. An ignored complainer tells the world bad things about you: a resolved complaint can turn a negative into a positive advocate. Complaint-handling over the web has three key steps: 

  • acknowledge receipt of a complaint and set expectations for resolution
  • keep the customer informed of progress
  • thank them for their complaint and give them more than they expected.

Clean Lists Regularly 

Make sure you're taking unsubscribes off lists promptly. There's no sense in mailing people once they've opted-out. 

Legal Developments 

Keep an eye on new legislation and how it will affect your business.

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