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I am confident in saying that 100% of our customers want spam to be made illegal.

Many email customers tell us that they are fed up with spam: so fed up that they'd like to see government get tough on senders of unsolicited messages and take steps to criminalise it.  And people are asking for action to put warning labels on explicit pornographic emails. 

binIdentify Theft - A Growing Concern 

A high percentage of UK consumers have already been the victims of identity theft. This rapidly growing crime is rampant, particularly in the area of credit card fraud.   Consumers are advised to shred all personal financial paperwork - bank statements, credit card bills, etc. before throwing it into the bin, to prevent fraudsters obtaining key information.

UK Online Regulars are Key Influentials 

The top opinion formers in the UK happen to be the most regular users of the net. 

Studies have shown that over 80% of people described as "influentials" are going online several times a day to research travel, explore personal interests, or keep up-to-date with current affairs.   Could online be the most cost-effective way to target this key group? 

Privacy Inhibiting Online Commerce 

Whilst online banking has grown in popularity throughout the world and in particular in the UK, the major limiting factor to further expansion of banking and general online commerce is still the concern over privacy and security. 

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