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A favourite topic of debate in email marketing is where and when to email customers. Do you target them at home when they have more time to read your email, or at work?  Logically you'd assume that home or leisure-related topics - holidays, food shopping - would be better mailed to a home address.  What and where is the best way to target these customers? Where are your customers going to look at your email?Shopping In The Office

Speed of Access 

One of the biggest reasons why people may use the office for online shopping could be centred on the speed of access, if you have a dial-up line at home and a fast connection at work, you are more likely to want to shop on the high-speed line. 


For some workers, surfing the web and shopping during work hours could prove an attractive way to pass the day.  


For most, shopping at work may be seen as an effective way of getting things done, and a good use of time. The majority of shopping and browsing the web could be centred on lunch or coffee breaks, when surfing the net may be seen as more acceptable.  For people who are unable to get to shops because of work, online shopping allows them to do the tasks that would otherwise not be possible - pay bills without having to queue at the Post Office or bank, book holidays, etc. 

Impact on Productivity 

Surfing the web at work could be deemed as having an impact on office productivity, although if they are using the computer at work to browse the net, employees may feel justified in using their lunchtimes and breaks to save time in their lives, and the lost work time could be balanced overall with longer working hours. 

Implications for Marketing 

When looking at when to send emails to target individuals, the choices are either in the day when they can open them throughout their working day, or in the evening when they are at home.  Do you send the work emails to them at work and the personal/leisure emails to them at home?  Will people open work emails at home and leisure emails at work? 

The only way to know for sure what works best is to ask your customers and keep testing the results. 

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