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Surveys, How Useful Are They?

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Survey's How Useful Are They?

Surveys are a fantastic way of getting all sorts of useful information from your client base.  The best way to ensure your target group has the opportunity to view and complete them is to connect them to your email campaigns. In the past, MailAgent has carried out surveys with campaigns for a number of its clients and found them to be an excellent way of learning if they are enjoying the content that is being sent.   You don't need to try and second-guess what your clients think of the products and services you are providing, you can ask the questions directly and get feedback straight from the horse’s mouth. 

You can use surveys to find out lots of valuable information like: 

  • what interests them
  • what they would like to see more of
  • whether there are any weak points
  • topics they feel strongly about
  • what they think of you, your products and services
  • general demographics

The main drawback of surveys is that they can be daunting to look at and sometimes result in users not taking the time to fill them in, but don't fret: you can get past this problem easily by: 

  • keeping your questions short and to the point
  • giving options where possible (help the user along - avoid making them type if possible)
  • keeping the overall survey length short
  • teaming them up with great offers to make the process of completing and submitting your survey more enticing to your clients.

Don't forget, when you ask people what they think, be prepared for the worst! Inevitably there will be those people who will submit negative feedback, but this is no cause to despair. The positive part is that it is feedback, and that will help you to improve any areas of deficiency and provide more of what people want in the future. 

Before you embark on your quest for information, don't forget two things.  

First, only send a survey if it's relevant - you don't want to be sending surveys on fiction book preferences to people who don’t read fiction! 

Second, make sure the structure is such that when it comes to interpreting the results, the process is simple - your survey will be rendered useless unless you can make sense of the results. 

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