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Emails Your Customers Will Love 

The popularity of email marketing as a cost-effective sales tool has made it difficult to ensure that your message gets through the general inbox clutter. Here are some simple tips from a customer's point of view to make sure your emails get read.

1. Did I Say It Was OK To Mail Me? 

Are you sure your customers are happy at the prospect of receiving an email from you? Why don’t you ask them, it may mean you email fewer names, but it's better than alienating them before you start. Double opt-in is best practice. Get into the habit of asking your customers permission - this makes your customer feel valued and in control, and also allows you to check how and when they want contact and on which topics they wish to be mailed. This is great market research and provides valuable feedback.

2. Why Do I Want to Hear From You? 

The importance of a good list and a well-targeted email cannot be underestimated. Your message must be of benefit or relevant to the recipient: if it's not, it's not going to get read. Working with a reputable list broker will help you select the right lists and ensure list quality. The email content and format  have to work as hard as an envelope on a direct mailing pack and be so compelling the customer has to open it. 

3. Make Me Feel Special 

Why is it that so many emails are of the "one size fits all" variety? Personalisation works because it enables more accurate targeting.

4. Where's The Consistency? 

A common error is to run online campaigns in isolation without co-ordinating the broadcast with other media messages. If your company has many customer touch-points, it's important all your staff know what's being broadcast online as well as offline. All your messages should be consistent. 

5.  Don't Just Sell To Me 

Email is a cost-effective way to talk to potential and existing customers, but it can be used for other things than just selling. The unique one-to-one possibilities of the medium also enhance relationship building and customer servicing too, giving customers immediate information that saves on paper and postage costs. E-relationships don't happen overnight, they take time and trust to build and deliver real value to each party. 

6. What Happens To My Data? 

Customers are becoming increasingly concerned with the use and misuse of their personal information. Complying with email data protection is a legal necessity.  Be  careful where lists are sourced and ensure unsubscribes are removed from any list. 

7. This Is Great, Pass It On 

The best recommendation is referral, so email is an ideal way to spread the word about a product or service through satisfied customers. Give customers something to rave about to others by offering incentives to send the email to a friend. 

8. I've Got A Problem 

Always provide a personal contact and a channel for feedback and complaints. A well-handled complaint leads to improved customer happiness and may also generate positive referrals, turning a negative into a positive. A badly handled complaint generates bad feeling and negative publicity. On average a discontented customer tells another ten people of their gripe. 

9. I Can't Read It 

You've just sent an email that sounds really interesting, but it can't be read as there's a problem downloading the images or one of the key links doesn't work.  An opportunity to sell has been wasted. This can easily be avoided by ensuring the email deployment software checks all the links and images before it's sent out. 

10. Did It Work? 

As so much time and effort goes into creating an email campaign, sometimes the results can get overlooked or analysed on the basis of emails opened, bounced back or the unsubscribe levels. The best email packages enable you to look at the bare facts but also to track individual customer behaviour over time. Some email packages provide real-time visual reporting on activity within an email by campaign and link and also build a consolidated picture over time of customer interest, enabling active customers to be identified.  

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