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Want Some More Spam?As tinned meat it's pretty unappetising, but in your email inbox it has even less appeal.  In 2013, more than 69% of emails worldwide are estimated to be spam - unwelcome additions to your daily mountain of emails. 

From get-rich-quick schemes to health supplements, the tide of junk clogging up inboxes worldwide is fast becoming a serious issue, and one on which governments have started to act.  In Europe, the European directive requires all companies to obtain customers' permission before sending email marketing material.   Failure to adhere to these new rules will result in unlimited fines and even claims from consumers for damages. 

However, it only applies to companies operating within the boundaries of the European Union.  This still leaves ample room for rogue operators from Eastern Europe or from the US, which today accounts for more than 60% of worldwide spam.

  • 3.146 billion email accounts worldwide
  • 27.6% of people who use email use Microsoft Outlook, making it the most popular email client.
  • 19%  of emails delivered to corporate clients are spam  despite spam filters
  • 69% of worldwide email traffic was spam in 2013

With figures quoted as above, it's important that email marketing is properly managed. Contact to discuss how Mailagent can help you avoid the spam trap.

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