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Working with HTML for email is a completely different art to writing HTML for a website or indeed using a content management facility.

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HTML Templates and HTML Editors

Even though an online HTML editor can be the perfect solution when it comes to editing HTML.  HTML editors can introduce a lot of gremlins which to the untrained eye could result in hours trying to correct something that was so simple at the outset.

To cure this, MailAgent have developed a bulletproof way for people to create emails within a defined structure.  MailAgent enable link editing, image change, background colour change and content editing. Clients are therefore enpowered to create great looking emails, pre-testing for rendering in emails and most importantly totally avoiding the pitfalls of HTML editors!

If though, this is not enough, you can then do the tweaking in the MailAgent HTML editor after all!

We work on various projects directly with our clients or with their agencies. The turn around time is fast and the results are accurate. You can be certain that you are maximising your chances of impressing your target audience.

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