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MailAgent - SolutionsMailAgent is an integrated, customisable marketing system that has been designed to increase the effectiveness of your marketing with immediately visible results.

See how easy the MailAgent Systems are to use, take the Live System Tour and get a real life walk through the service.

MailAgent can be managed in-house as a simple self-service package, the system can be increased to a fully managed and completely customised service allowing the clients complete flexibility in campaigns.

Realtime tracking and visual reporting shows exactly where campaigns are most effective and extra features including FlashAgentTM and WebsiteAgentTM enable monitoring of linked flash movies and microsite journeys.

With inter-campaign tracking long-term understanding of customer behaviour can be monitored and integrated into in-house marketing and CRM systems. Tied in with Web Analytics integration the MailAgent System ensures complete contact management development.

Double opt-in ensures automatic Data Protection compliance and full auditing of complex multi-user sign off procedures managed with global collaboration tools.

The MailAgent family consists of three core solutions. The Direct Marketing Platform (email, sms, fax, direct mail) forms the basis for each of the other systems (event management, online surveys) which can be added on at any given time.  Linked in with social media, your communications are all tied together in one central place.

Choose the options that best fits your current need and upgrade simply as your campaign needs grow.


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