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The numbers speak for themselves: over 50% of emails are now opened on mobile devices, according to a study of over 250 million opens worldwide by email analytics providers Litmus. That statistic speaks volumes not only about mobile device adoption, but also about how comfortable we’ve become consuming email on the go.

It’s only natural then that users expect email to evolve and accommodate their needs when interacting with smaller screens and touch interfaces, just as websites have with responsive designs. Developers and designers have already begun forging the path towards better experiences for mobile email users, and marketers are beginning to see the light: a new era of responsive email design is upon us.

It’s worth noting that while most mobile email clients today can scale emails down to fit smaller device screens, that often results in messages that are hard to read, and ultimately ignored. Plus, many users delete emails that don’t look good on mobile devices. With responsive email design, you can ensure an optimal experience across platforms and devices, resulting in greater impact with your messages and higher ROI on your marketing efforts.

If you're looking to create a responsive email that works across all mail clients, across various devices, screen sizes, and resolutions, then MailAgent has a great template for a responsive email (that works everywhere) ready for you to use.

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