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Systems Integration

Tags: Bespoke Development, Systems Integration

The MailAgent platform can become an integral part of your in-house marketing systems. MailAgent provides access to a secure FTP data synchronisation facility. Whether its for linking up to a sales CRM tool, a booking system or a more specifically a dedicated data mining tool. Benefits: Automated updates to recipient preferences can be recorded across platforms. DPA compliancy can be made watertight across platforms Automated responses can be linked in with activity that takes place both inside and outside the MailAgent system.

HTML Coding And Design

Tags: Bespoke Development, Emails, HTML Coding and Design, HTML Templates

Working with HTML for email is a completely different art to writing HTML for a website or indeed using a content management facility. Read on to find out more!   HTML Templates and HTML Editors Even though an online HTML editor can be the perfect solution when it comes to editing HTML.  HTML editors can introduce a lot of gremlins which to the untrained eye could result in hours trying to correct something that was so simple at the outset. To cure this, MailAgent have developed a bulletproof way for people to create emails within a defined...

Bespoke Development

Tags: Bespoke Development, Data Management

The experienced MailAgent bespoke development team are happy to discuss any bespoke requirements that you may have that are related to the core of the MailAgent Marketing Platform Functionality. We can offer a number of different initiatives including: Dedicated batching and mailing programs XML feeds for transactional e-mails Bespoke reporting and data processes Fax sending Whatever your requirements, we will always listen to you and will be happy to come up with some bespoke strategies to fit your needs. For more information contact...

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