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Systems Integration

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The MailAgent platform can become an integral part of your in-house marketing systems. MailAgent provides access to a secure FTP data synchronisation facility. Whether its for linking up to a sales CRM tool, a booking system or a more specifically a dedicated data mining tool. Benefits: Automated updates to recipient preferences can be recorded across platforms. DPA compliancy can be made watertight across platforms Automated responses can be linked in with activity that takes place both inside and outside the MailAgent system.

Challenges Of Multi-Country Campaigns

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The explosion in e-marketing has opened up new fields of global possibility to even the smallest of companies with websites accessible from any part of the world. How do you appeal to worldwide audiences who don't all speak your language, and how do you combine local cultural references with global brand values? Even in countries that speak the same language, there are linguistic nuances that can catch the naïve marketer unaware.Imagine then the complications of multiplying the potential for confusion by factoring in several other languages,...

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