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Using MailAgent for E- mail Marketing will help reduce your costs and enable you to take control of your campaigns. We provide a platform from where you can create, edit, test, broadcast and monitor each recipient's response to your emails real-time.

An easy 6-step process from email creation to sending. Lower your costs and take control of your campaigns. We provide a technically very capable platform from where you can create, edit, test, broadcast and most importantly monitor each recipient's response to your emails real-time.

Unlike other email tools, MailAgent provides a step-by-step interface allowing you complete control over all processes from creating to sending and monitoring responses.

MailAgent Features

Creative Consistency

  • Built-in editable templates tailored to each company.
  • Templates for emails, landing pages, registration pages, surveys....
  • Integrated HTML Editor for content amends and updates.
  • Image gallery for online hosting and image management.

100% Accuracy

  • Automatic link checking for all outbound emails.
  • Automatic image checking ensuring no red-cross moments on your emails.
  • Designated test environment with SPAM and internal checking facilities.
  • Sign off screen to ensure no campaign is sent before it is ready.

Secure, Reliable and Resilient Environment

  • Secure Username and Password access.
  • Managed bounce processing, identifying hard and soft bounces.
  • ISP relationships for complaint management (Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

Fast and Easy to Read Results

  • Visual monitoring of readership and navigation in real time.
  • HTML reporting providing clear results and presentation feedback.
  • Drill down reports for in-depth campaign analysis.
  • Track your customers individual interest areas.
  • Analyse your customer behaviour patterns over several campaigns.

Web Analytics

  • Connect the MailAgent platform with your web analytics capability to give you full Return on investment analysis.



Visual List Building

  • Review and respond to campaigns by creating follow up audiences based on the results of any given campaign.Targeted campaigns and follow up marketing have increased results by over 30% on some campaigns.


  • Use the email to segment your data and then send them information in more detail about areas and topics in which they have a genuine interest.

Triggered Campaigns

  • Set up automated campaigns and other activity to create an automatic campaign pipeline.

From large to small businesses MailAgent can enable companies to implement powerful and results driven email campaigns around the world. Whether to simply refine and improve the effectiveness of a campaign or to learn even more about their customers, MailAgent is a proven system that becomes an integral part of the Marketing toolkit.

We will be able to manage your email marketing campaigns, we provide a unique individual service, you are an individual client to us.

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